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She continues to win praise as a singing actor that can "hold her own in any opera house."

Soprano Slay 2018

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"Sing with your heart".-Mari Paz



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"Mellow", "rich", "versatile" Patricia Portillo's wide vocal range contributes to the variety of roles she has performed.

Described as having "a lovely mezzo timbre with a fine sense of drama."
-The Washington Post

This is what I get to do everyday as a singer.

I have amazing opportunities to add a personal touch to a special occasion like a birthday, wedding or anniversary. Invites to the recording studio to collaborate and sing with respected, versatile hip-hop artists is always fun work.

I also get to preform on stage and become a whole new person by singing a role in an Opera, Zarzuela, Operetta, or Musical Theater. The privilege of sharing those experiences with so many people in life makes me feel humbled and truly honored.


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